My story

events and self-knowledge

At a difficult period in my life, I learnt to use the same strength and energy on myself which I had previously given to others. Life is a continuous learning process and everything that happens, good or bad, teaches us what is useful for our development.
We just have to learn how to listen.

The Atelier de l’Harmonie came into being a few years ago because of the difficult health issues the founder, Alida Decio, had to face at that time.
At the same time as doctors told Alida that she had a tumour, her sister, who had been given the same diagnosis five years previously, was told that her cancer had returned. Further tests showed there was a genetic and therefore hereditary factor involved ( BRAC 1). During the lengthy period of treatment and rehabilitation it became obvious that both her priorities and her outlook on life had to change.
Everything that up till then had seemed stable, reassuring and certain suddenly became uncertain, fragile and tenuous. Anyone who has found themselves in a similar situation knows that from that moment nothing will ever be the same. In a short space of time important decisions and difficult choices have to be made.
In this traumatic period there is an overwhelming feeling that one should not be alone; but sometimes family, friends and specialised help groups are not enough.

Anyone who has to have invasive treatment like chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery needs to be psychologically prepared to face a radical change in their own appearance, whether temporary or irreversible
During the illness, serenity and harmony is needed. A balance between one’s self and the reality of the current situation has to be found. Often there is a need to see the situation in a better light than has been forecast and the quest for gentler treatments and beauty products begins.
During her illness, Alida realised that she had developed the right attitude towards what was happening to her. She drew on all the resources she had learnt during the years she had studied coaching and during her own personal development. She travelled extensively moving from one city to another in her search for what might help to improve the situation. Doctors, family and friends noticed her strength of will and her resilience.
For all these reasons, the Atelier De l’Harmonie offers help to those who are also searching, by giving support through coaching sessions and providing other professional, reliable and competent services.
There are numerous problems which have to be resolved both during treatment and throughout our lives. L’Atelier De l’Harmonie is a place of harmony, a place where you can find advice, suggestions about cosmetics, clothes and activities, all tailor-made for the individual whether at the time of diagnosis, during or after treatment. These are also available for those who are standing alongside the person going through the illness. It’s a place where you can feel at home and is suitable for all those in search of support, well-being, and a healthy lifestyle and diet. The object is to serve as a link between patients and the health services and the primary aim is to ensure that a harmonious balance is found between body and mind.

L’Atelier De l’Harmonie looks forward to welcoming you.

Alida Decio

Qualified Life Coach

I believe in the strength of each individual, I believe in loving myself, and I believe in the importance of taking advantage of everything that makes us feel good.

Who am I?

Why did I become a coach?

I have always had a great deal of contact with people. The desire to learn, deal with issues, understand and support others is part and parcel of my personality.
As an teenager, I went to a boarding school run by nuns in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. When I came back to Ticino, I obtained a diploma in commerce. I would have liked to continue studying abroad but then something very serious happened, and this meant I had to stay here. This was the beginning of a long and painful period, where I learnt to grow in self-knowledge and where I learnt resilience.
In the meantime, I started to work for a leading telecommunications company and remained there, very happy in my work, for 11 years. While working there, I continued to do further training and worked in various sectors of the company.
As I am insatiably curious, I decided one day to completely change my working environment. I was unexpectedly given the opportunity to work for a well-known fiduciary involved in the property market, and I found the idea very attractive. It was a new period in my life, which lasted two years, in an area which I had previously known nothing about. While working there, I made a lot of interesting contacts and went on long trips abroad. Then one day, during one of those trips, I met some people from the the world of the arts, who suggested I work with them. Working there in an artistic environment, at times concrete and at times inaccessible, meant I came across interesting, creative and complex people. Here was somewhere I was able to use my coaching skills even though I was not fully aware I was doing this.
Fascinated as I am by the human mind and what makes people tick, and motivated by a desire to see people fulfilled both professionally and privately, I started to take my first steps in the field of human resources. I worked for 7 years for a multinational company famous worldwide and obtained a Masters with hounours in advanced managerial training. During this period, I came across many people who felt disorientated and confused and in search of support or an answer to their sense of unease. I gladly spent much of my free time listening to them and nurturing their skills and capabilities.
Then, at a difficult moment in my life, I decided to look for a new challenge which was more in line with my perception of how life should be lived. I decided to train to be a coach, something which I loved right from the beginning and I was delighted when I obtained my qualification. For me, being a Life Coach means instilling strength, and together with the client, reaching realistic objectives, no matter what culture, race, religion or skin colour the client may have. The way I am is obviously influenced by my own experience, both good and bad in my personal life, by the long period of interior growth and by an innate attitude towards unconventional situations. All this I have learnt over the years. Choosing to live the best we can in the here and now is undoubtedly difficult but not impossible.

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