Help with pets

We are also there for your loyal pets

A pet or pets have become more and more part of our families. The company, affection, love and loyalty they give us are immeasurable. When we spend time with our pet, everything around us ceases to matter and we manage to immerge ourselves fully in these unique and very special moments.
However, sometimes we find ourselves overwhelmed with things to do, which may be unexpected and for these and a number of other reasons, we are unable to get back home. Work, holidays, illnesses mean that we have to be away from home and our loyal friends. When we realise this, we are assailed by guilt.
We, at L’Atelier De L’Harmonie can help you here, too. We can look after your pet at any time of the day or night until you are able to take care of him or her again. Contact us for further information.