Food and cooking

A natural diet

In 2010 UNESCO recognized the Mediterrean Diet as an intangible patrimony of humanity. This was a symbolic gesture towards retrieving centuries’ old wisdom that allows us to live healthily. The main principles of a Mediterranean diet are a high intake of wholemeal grains, wholemeal bread, fruit, greens, herbs, pulses and extra-virgin olive oil.
Unfortunately, because of a frenetic lifestyle, many of us choose a more instant diet, practical, fast with too much salt and too many saturated fats and sweetened drinks. Tradition has it that we should “ eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and supper like a poor man,” but how many of us eat a substantial breakfast and a frugal supper?
L’Atelier De l’Harmonie offers evenings of home-cooking with healthgiving food where you can try out new healthy and tasty recipes and rediscover old traditional dishes which will increase your well-being by using ingredients which are naturally good. Write to us for further information.

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