Coaching sessions

A path of change

I will never change my belief that all human beings are endowed with strength and determination, even when, for one reason or another, they do not think they possess these qualities.
The aim of my coaching sessions is to lead each individual person to a greater awareness of themselves. Agreeing to ask for help at a difficult moment in our lives means putting aside our pride and accepting the help of those who can walk alongside and support us along the difficult path towards the objectives we have given ourselves. The coaching sessions allow you to become aware of your sense of unease, and by revealing your dormant talents, to overcome the obstacles. The coaching provides you with the means and the necessary determination.
Learning to look after yourself, both in body and mind, transforms you from a loser to a winner and is the first step towards an awareness of yourself and of your own inner beauty.
“Even if it’s raining outside, today is a wonderful day.”

Initial contact:
The initial contact between Life Coach and client ( coachee) can be by phone or at the studio, by appointment. The sessions following will be decided according to the client’s ( coachee’s) needs. If you are unable to reach the Atelier De L’Harmonie, the sessions can take place via Skype or by phone.

Length of each session: from 45 to 60 minutes.
Please complete the form to the side for your initial contact.
I look forward to getting to know you.